The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform site users about CITIC’s personal data protection policy, to allow them to decide, freely and voluntarily, whether they wish to share the personal information requested on or obtained through the website. CITIC reserves the right to modify its privacy policy in order to adapt it to any changes in legislation and/or case law. All such amendments will be notified on this page in advance of their implementation.

Storage of files and forms

Personal data collected by the site will be stored in an automated file, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the information clause. All personal data files will be declared to the General Register of Data Protection, in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework.

CITIC will provide users with the technical resources necessary to access this privacy policy statement (and other relevant information) and give their consent for their personal data to be processed in this way. Barring certain exceptions, personal information is provided on a voluntary basis and failure to do so will not result in a reduction in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise stated.

Honesty and accuracy of information provided

Users will be held responsible for the honesty, accuracy and validity of all personal data provided, and undertake to update this information as needed.

CITIC does not guarantee the accuracy of content created by third parties or information attributed to other sources, and will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of such content.

CITIC reserves the right to update, modify and remove information from its website and to restrict or deny access to such content.

CITIC will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by users as a result of mistakes, defects and omissions in information derived from third-party sources.