• Time signal processing and ML
  • Retail vision
  • Industrial inspection using image and video processing 
  • Business search engines
  • Efficient distributed hybrid recommender systems
  • IoT monitoring and performance platform
  • High-precision indoor positioning
  • Locyu positoning platform
  • Massive point cloud processing 


  • Biological sequence processing
  • Molecular descriptor calculation software
  • Computational protein structure prediction using AI techniques
  • Deep learning for medical imaging
  • Analysis and processing of diagnostic medical images
  • Drug discovery models and methods
  • Synthetic data generation models and methods
  • Lumbar and cervical posture monitoring system 
  • Detection and characterisation of pathologies using artificial vision


  • Text mining (NPL)
  • Large-scale, multilingual parsing
  • Computational language tools
  • Scientific software development
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Massive point cloud processing
  • Image segmentation techniques for inappropriate content detection
  • Automatic code translation in operational languages
  • Code optimisation in state-of-the-art languages
  • Automatic intermediate language generator for fast parsing of massive document sets
  • Automatic transformation of elementary atoms into 3rd generation languages
  • Behaviour-based continuous authentication system
  • Intrusion detection sytem based on self-organising maps


  • Compact data structures
  • Space-time analysis of information
  • Efficient exploitation of ontologies
  • Complex information systems
  • Digital libraries
  • Content management systems
  • Data virtualisation
  • Unsupervised big data clustering 
  • Development of equations from datasets
  • Synthetic data generation models and methods 
  • Massive point could processing


  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • VR for disability care
  • Models for early prediction of personal risk for internet use
  • Detection of unsuitable content using deep learning and NPL


  • Green algorithms
  • Fish stocks monitoring systems
  • Light pollution detection using low-cost devices based on GAIA space mission data
  • Adaptive visualisation based on self-organising maps for the GAIA space mission
  • Image segmentation techniques for marine spill detection