CITIC hosts an informative session on "life beyond the solar system" as part of the Avances series

05/06/2024 - CITIC
  • Researcher Minia Manteiga, along with Professor Ana Ulla, is coordinating the cycle promoted by the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Provincial Council of A Coruña, with registration open (
  • The event, which can be attended in person or online, will also feature lectures at IFGAE in Santiago, at the Ferrol Campus of the UDC, and at the Planetarium of the House of Sciences in A Coruña from June 10 to 13. 

The Royal Galician Academy of Sciences (RAGC) and the Provincial Council of A Coruña are organizing a new edition of the “Avances” cycle, in collaboration with CITIC of the UDC, the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE-USC), the Industrial Campus of the University of A Coruña, and the City Council of A Coruña. This event, coordinated by professors Minia Manteiga and Ana Ulla, will take place from June 10 to 13 and will address fundamental topics of current science, from the origin of the cosmos to space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life. 

CITIC itself will host a dissemination session on “Where life could be in the universe,” exploring the possibilities of life beyond our solar system, focusing on current research and scientific advances in this field. The event will take place at CITIC on June 12 and will feature presentations by the subdirector of the Center for ICT Research, Javier Pereira, and Minia Manteiga herself. 

Furthermore, CITIC’s session will feature three presentations: Benjamin Montesinos Comino, from the Center for Astrobiology (CAB), CSIC-INTA and President of the Spanish Society of Astronomy (SEA), who will speak on “The context of our solar system in relation to other planetary systems”; Isabel Rebollido Vázquez, from the European Space Agency (ESAC), who will address the search for life beyond the solar system and future challenges in this area; and Ester Lázaro Lázaro, also from the Center for Astrobiology (CAB), CSIC-INTA, who will analyze “the foundations of life from an astrobiological perspective.” 

Following the presentations, there will be a debate where attendees can interact with the experts, allowing for an enriching discussion on key advances and challenges. Indeed, this format encourages active participation and critical reflection among participants, making the “Advances” cycle a dynamic platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge. 

In addition to the CITIC talk, three other sessions are planned: one in Santiago on June 10, another in Ferrol on June 11, and the final one in A Coruña on June 13. 

Registration for the event can be done through the following link: 

The full program can be viewed here.