CITIC women researchers organize a workshop at an international conference about the Green Algorithms in the framework of the UDC-Inditex Chair

03/05/2024 - CITIC
  • The international event, for which the call for papers has just been launched, will take place in Miami at the end of the year and will address how to shape a sustainable world with innovation in artificial intelligence.

A Coruña, May 3, 2024.- “Green algorithms: shaping a sustainable world with AI innovation” is the title of the workshop that will bring together specialists from around the world in artificial intelligence in the field of sustainability. The workshop is part of the program of the “23rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications”, which will take place in Miami from 18 to 20 December 2024 and is organized by UDC CITIC researchers Verónica Bolón, Laura Morán, Brais Cancela and Amparo Alonso in the framework of the programming of the UDC-Inditex Chair of AI in Green Algorithms.

AI, an ally in the fight against climate change

Ecological (or green) algorithms are characterized by their ability to optimize energy efficiency and minimize the environmental footprint of AI models. These algorithms aim to facilitate the use of technology to address various environmental challenges from a dual categorization: on the one hand, algorithms that improve environmental sustainability by optimizing energy use and improving the efficiency of renewable energies; and, on the other hand, energy-efficient algorithms, whose purpose is to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

The international symposium is organized with this approach.  From now until July 31, papers and presentations can be submitted, being the expected topics relevant theoretical and practical issues in the field of sustainable AI. Contributions may address aspects, among others, such as:

  • Examining the ethical and social implications of green algorithms and AI. The development of energy-efficient algorithms for training and/or inference.
  • Research on AI approaches for sustainable data management and storage techniques.
  • Exploring the use of renewable energy sources for artificial intelligence.
  • Investigating methods to reduce the carbon footprint of AI algorithms.
  • Study the impact of green algorithms in various industries and applications.
  • AI applications to achieve sustainability and combat climate change.
  • Explainable AI in green algorithms and applications to improve transparency and accountability.
  • Tools and frameworks for computational consumption of algorithms.

More information can be found at the following link: