Does AI Understand Us or Just Pretend To? In the next edition of SINFILTRO: Toward the Future and Beyond

22/05/2024 - CITIC
  • CITIC researcher Carlos Gómez will present a lecture on “What’s Behind the ChatGPT Revolution?” at this event organized by Marcelo Castelo in collaboration with Afundación. 
  • They will present various perspectives on the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. 

How do large language models like ChatGPT really work? Do they truly understand our language, or do they just appear to? Carlos Gómez Rodríguez, principal researcher at CITIC of UDC, will discuss these and other questions behind the ChatGPT revolution at the next edition of the SINFILTRO: Toward the Future and Beyond discussion, which will take place on June 5 at Afundación’s headquarters in A Coruña. The event will be hosted and promoted by international speaker and persuasive communication specialist, Marcelo Castelo. 

Organized by Marcelo Castelo in collaboration with Obra Social Abanca, Afundación, this event will focus on disruptive human language models offered by AI. In addition to Carlos Gómez’s lecture, there will be a roundtable discussion featuring the CITIC researcher; EVO Banco CIO, Rubén Andrés; Teladoc Health CIO, Jordi Parera; and Mobile World Capital CIO, Eduard Martín Lineros. Furthermore, the barometer “Emotional State of Technologists in Spain” will be presented by the president of the General Council of Computer Engineering of Spain, Fernando Suárez, and the general director of CIE, Alberto García. 

SINFILTRO or to the Rías Altas Food Bank.  

At the next meeting on June 5, Marcelo Castelo, the host of the event created to present the impact of AI on our lives in an engaging way, will explore the ChatGPT environment through various voices. 

SINFILTRO: Toward the Future and Beyond has a social mission, and the proceeds from ticket sales (3€ each) will be entirely donated to the Culture for Food program promoted by Afundación, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, to support the Rías Altas Food Bank. 

To conclude the event, Marcelo Castelo will hold one of his usual “gamberras” discussions with comedians Carlos Blanco and Xosé Antonio Touriñán, who is returning to SINFILTRO. 

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