Selected within the framework of the third call of the Interreg Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP 2021-2027), the GRESINT project, led by Sogama, has a funding of 787,544.67 euros, with an expected completion date in June 2026.

In addition to Sogama, as the main beneficiary, the project includes, in the case of Galicia, the Center for Research in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC) of the University of A Coruña, and, in the case of Portugal, the Association of Municipalities for Sustainable Waste Management of Grande Porto (LIPOR) and the University of Beira Interior (UBI).

The GRESINT project aims to innovate waste management through intelligent technologies to improve its sorting and positively impact the entire value chain, including collection, sorting, recycling, and valorization. This will contribute to European recycling objectives and promote the circular economy.

The project includes the development of a Digitalization Agenda for the waste management process, a catalog of intelligent technologies, and a roadmap for the implementation of the identified technologies, which will be tested through pilots at Sogama’s (Cerceda, A Coruña) and LIPOR’s (Porto) plants. These pilots will optimize sensorization, incorporate artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data, and introduce robotization to improve sorting and quality control.

Furthermore, training and communication activities will be carried out to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste sorting and the use of intelligent technologies to increase recycling.

The CITIC of the University of A Coruña participates in a European project of digital transformation with technologies for waste classification

The Centre for Research in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC) of the University of A Coruña will participate in a European project, led by the Galician Society of the Environment S.A. (SOGAMA), and in which LIPOR – Associação de Municípios para a Gestão Sustentável de Residuos del Grande Porto also participates together with the University of Orilla Interior (UBI) in terms of digital transformation with smart technologies for the sorting of household packaging waste.

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