Inclusive technology in Cullerciencia through CITIC

10/06/2024 - CITIC

On Saturday, June 8, the promenade of Paseo Marítimo del Burgo hosted the sixth edition of Cullerciencia, an event dedicated to scientific dissemination and technological innovation, featuring participation from CITIC of the University of A Coruña (UDC). The center offered a comprehensive program of activities designed to demonstrate how accessible technology can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Researchers María del Carmen Miranda Duro, Manuel Lagos Rodríguez, Iago Fernández Garrido, Patricia Concheiro Moscoso, Paula de Santos, Raúl Martínez Díaz, Francisco Rodríguez Alvarado, Adrián Parga, and Jorge Rivadulla showcased various adapted technologies for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities through the “Inclusive Technologies” activity. They demonstrated virtual reality with games for cognitive skill development, adaptations of Mario Kart to be controlled through the torso or head, personalized games for people with disabilities, an adapted musical piano, an adapted seesaw, and a head support painting demonstration.

Researcher Manuel Lagos noted that “the activities presented today are aimed at improving different cognitive or physical skills in people with disabilities.” Additionally, in the “Science with Magnetism” workshop, Paula Castro Castro and Adriana Dapena Janeiro explored scientific principles in a practical and enjoyable manner. Dapena stated, “the goal is to bring the results of research projects conducted at CITIC closer to the public through experimentation.” Xabier Pérez Couto offered an immersive experience with virtual reality glasses to visualize and manipulate various astronomical objects studied by the Gaia mission in the “Gaia Space Mission.”

The CITIC-Talentos Inclusivos program aims to demonstrate how science and technology can be powerful tools for inclusion, providing innovative and accessible solutions that enhance the lives of people with disabilities. The initiative reflects CITIC’s commitment to inclusive research and social integration through technology. As CITIC’s Deputy Director, Javier Pereira, summarized, “it is very important to promote the human side of technology.”