The units of CITIC are made up of two smart buildings with a surface area of 3.200m2. The floors are open plan and configurable for the R&D&I activities of our researchers, companies and employees.


Low level

BIT Room: Meeting room for researchers.

Network Room: Work area for researchers.

Showroom: Space dedicated to the demonstration of research activity carried out at CITIC.

Cafeteria: Cafeteria space
and dining room for CITIC users.

1st floor

Core Room: CITIC management staff work area.

Pixel Room: CITIC management staff work area.

Cloud Room: Room for the organization of events, conferences and training activities.

Connect Room: Meeting room of the governing bodies of CITIC.

2nd floor

Cluster Room: Work area for researchers.


Business area: The CITIC 2 building has 10 spaces to accommodate companies in the ICT field with which it collaborates punctually in the development of R&D&I projects and other joint actions.

Data Processing Centre (DPC): Dispose of up-to-date and heterogeneous equipment both at the hardware and software level on or that tests, pilots, demonstrators and pre-commercial releases are carried out.