Researcher Thais Pousada conducts a workshop on technological resources for communication and participation of people with disabilities in Valencia

27/05/2024 - CITIC

CITIC researcher Thais Pousada, PhD in Health Sciences and occupational therapist, participated on Saturday, May 25th, in the EsLibre 2024 conference held in Valencia, which began on Friday, May 24th. She conducted a workshop on “Technological Resources for Communication and Participation of People with Disabilities.” 

The workshop aimed to bring knowledge of various open technology resources that facilitate the communication processes of people with disabilities. The CITIC researcher discussed free applications and programs that enhance communication possibilities for those who face difficulties due to their health conditions, emphasizing that technology should serve as a facilitating resource for everyone, especially those seeking to overcome communication barriers. 

Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with tools for creating communication boards, virtual agendas, activity sequences, and improving access to various devices. The goal was to create valid and suitable resources to promote the participation and inclusion of people with disabilities, using technology to benefit the community. 

Thais Pousada is recognized for her research work, especially in designing 3D solutions and applying virtual reality for people with disabilities through various projects such as the CITIC’s Inclusive Talents program. She also collaborates with several non-profit organizations, including the ASEM Federation and the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, and is a board member of Engineers Without Borders (ESF) Galicia.