Rubén Pérez and David Soler present results at the IX National Cybersecurity Research Conference

04/06/2024 - CITIC

From May 27 to 29, the “IX National Cybersecurity Research Conference” (JNIC) was held in Seville, organized by INCIBE in collaboration with the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering and the University of Seville. During these sessions, CITIC researchers Rubén Pérez Jove and David Soler García, from the RNASA-IMEDIR and LIA2 groups respectively, presented their results. 

Rubén Pérez presented the paper “Towards TabTransformer-based Operating System Fingerprinting: A Preliminary Approach using the Nmap Database“, conducted in collaboration with his thesis advisors, Jose Vázquez Naya and Alejandro Pazos. In his talk, he showcased the latest results of his research focused on the application of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to cybersecurity, specifically to operating system fingerprinting. This technique allows the identification of the family and version of an operating system on a device from network traffic, a crucial task in network security. 

David Soler presented the work “Privacy in Classical Key Distribution using zk-SNARKs“, in which he introduces a protocol to privately distribute high-entropy key material generated by QRNG to end users. The inclusion of the cryptographic tool zk-SNARK allows the server to hide the clients’ identities, ensuring it does not know who receives each key.