The CITIC of the UDC renews its accreditation of excellence by the Xunta de Galicia

08/05/2024 - CITIC
  • The University of A Coruña increases its relevance in this program of excellence with the renewal of CITIC and the incorporation of CICA and CITEEC research centers, to which the interuniversity center ECOBAS is added.
  • The accreditation entails an economic endowment for the research center of 2,126,666.67 euros.

A Coruña, Wednesday, May 8, 2024.- The CITIC of the UDC has just renewed its accreditation of excellence by the Xunta de Galicia, recognition that incorporates the Interdisciplinary Center for Chemistry and Biology (CICA), which is also integrated into the CIGUS Network; and the Center for Technological Innovation in Building and Civil Engineering (CITEEC), which joins in as a Collaborative Center with the inter-university ECOBAS (Economics and Business Administration for Society). 

CITIC will receive 2.12 million euro of the total aid granted to the UDC centers, which is more than 4.86 million euros for its accreditation, structure and improvement. Thus, with the incorporation of the new centers, the Universidade da Coruña raises its position in this network.

An achievement that, according to Jerónimo Puertas, vice-rector of Research and Transfer of the Universidade da Coruña, places the UDC as “the Galician university with the best evolution with respect to the previous period, going from having only one accredited center, the CITIC, to having 3, and from obtaining 12% of the total amount of grants to the current 20%. A path that we understand is what we must follow to continue expanding this quality research capacity in the different lines of work of the UDC, and even increase the number of research centers of the UDC in this network of excellence”.

The three centers provide employment to more than 600 researchers, who are involved in 256 projects and research and technology transfer. This was explained this morning at a press conference by the vice-rector and the directors of the three research centers of the University.

González Penedo also stressed that “CITIC’s team conscience allows us to be at the forefront of technological progress at a time of very important social revolution in this field, which is the ideal situation for our research personnel”. He pointed out that, thanks to this teamwork “we can tackle large-scale projects”.

CITIC achieved in 2016 the distinction of Singular Research Center by the Department of Education of the Xunta de Galicia, which was renewed in 2019, becoming part of the Galician Network of Research Centers (CIGUS). It is currently consolidated as a benchmark in the transfer of results, thanks to the remarkable projection of its research in areas such as AI, data science and engineering, high performance computing, intelligent services and networks and cybersecurity.

CITIC has an outstanding commitment to social inclusion projects, developing projects such as Inclusive Talents, which this year celebrates its fourth edition; or a collaboration agreement with the Department of Social Policy and Youth for the research of technologies applied to the care of people with functional diversity.


The center, with over 280 researchers, of which more than 30% are women, is currently developing more than 150 active research and transfer projects.

Jaime Rodríguez, for his part, emphasized that at CICA “we knew what we aspired to: we have been working for years and have had the Xunta’s quality standards as a reference. That is why we are very grateful that CIGUS has positioned us so well in our entry into the Network of Centers of Excellence, which represents the best of scientific research in the territory”.

Martínez Abella expressed his joy that CITEEC managed to gain access, as a Collaborative Center, to the select club of research centers of the Galician University System. “CITEEC will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year 2025 and, throughout this time, we managed to equip ourselves with world-class scientific infrastructures and a team of extraordinary value, whose work is focused on improving and making the environment in which we live more sustainable”.