The Stanford Ranking includes six members of CITIC among the 2% most influential scientists in the world

20/12/2023 - CITIC

The ranking World’s Top 2% Scientists List, carried out by the prestigious Stanford University, in California (USA), has included six CITIC researchers among the most influential scientists in the world.

This list is compiled through the Scopus database, provided by the publisher Elsevier, and takes into account more than 200,000 researchers from 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields.

Stanford ranks researchers, firstly, on the basis of their research career and, secondly, by analyzing the last year of results. It evaluates information based on indicators such as scientific production or citations.

In the first classification, referring to professional trajectory, the researchers Tiago Fernández Caramés and Alejandro Pazos appear in the Information & Communication Technologies research area.

In the ranking that takes into account the citations received in 2022, the researcher with the highest rating is Tiago Fernández Caramés, followed by Paula Fraga Lamas, Verónica Bolón Canedo and Amparo Alonso Betanzos, also in the Information & Communication Technologies area. In the Biology area is the researcher Diego Darriba López.

In total, 19 researchers from the University of A Coruña have been recognized as the most influential in the world, being Information & Communication Technologies the area with the highest representation with 10 members,  6 of which are part of CITIC. It is followed by the areas of Biomedical Research, Chemistry, Enabling and Strategic Technologies, Clinical Medicine and, finally, Biology, in which a member of CITIC is listed

The Ranking of the World Scientists: World’s Top 2% Scientists is considered one of the most prestigious at international level and in this sixth edition has evaluated researchers from universities, hospitals and research centers around the world.