CITIC researcher Alejandro Pazos analyzes the dangers to health of the excessive use of technology at the Royal Academy of Medicine of Galicia

19/01/2024 - CITIC

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Galicia (RAMG) hosted this afternoon a scientific session in collaboration with DKV, entitled “Digital Health: Cyberpathologies”, at the headquarters of the institution in A Coruña, starting at 19:00 hours.

The CITIC researcher, professor at the Universidade da Coruña and RAMG Academician, Alejandro Pazos Sierra, addressed the health risks derived from the unwise use of technologies, highlighting possible physical, sensory and cognitive effects.

The session was presented by Dr. Jesús Reboredo, Regional Medical Director of DKV Galicia, and Dr. Francisco Martelo, President of the RAMG, was present at the closing ceremony.

In his presentation, Alejandro Pazos analyzed the health disorders caused by the excessive use of technology, grouping them into three areas: postural or musculoskeletal, sensory and cognitive or mental.  Thus, the CITIC researcher spoke of disorders such as “carpal tunnel syndrome”, “selfie elbow” and “tech-neck” or “text-neck”. He also delved into sensory problems such as “eye strain” and “premature hypoacusis”, as well as cognitive disorders such as “videoconference fatigue”, “FOMO syndrome”, “Dr. Google”, “self-dependence” or “insomnia”, among others.

Attendees had the opportunity to better understand the negative impacts of the excessive use of technologies on health and received keys to the diagnosis and treatment of these cyberpathologies.

Alejandro Pazos Sierra, professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the UDC, has a degree in Medicine from the USC and a PhD from the Complutense University of Madrid. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Biomedical Research of A Coruña (INIBIC) and of the CITIC of the UDC, Pazos has an extensive experience in R+D+i and TT management, with more than 60 projects, 25 patents and software registrations.